Bodyshell Range & Instructions

The bodyshells are made from a tough polyurethane resin, moulded in one piece for toughness.  The kits include any resin wheel inserts, resin driver’s head, vacform windows, a vacform interior and any waterslide graphics if needed.

See each page for more details and full assembly instructions.

Adapting another bodyshell

Turning a model truck into a slot car

American Cars

1958 Fury

1965 El Dorado Racer

1971 Moonshine Runner

1971 Muscle Car

1972 Bad Guys’ Limo

1972 Oval Racer

1972 Pimp’s Car

1975 P.I. Car

1977 Mississippi Bootlegger

1979 Jeep

1981 Van

1982 Pickup Truck

1983 Coyote

Police Cars

1972 LA Police Car

1974 Ex-Police Car

1976 Chicago Police Car

1977 Sheriff’s Car

1977 Smokey’s Car

European Cars

1910 Paragon Panther

1960 Czech V8

1963 Riverside Racer

1964 Italian Coach

1965 Prole’s Car

1967 Baja Bug

1967 Mini Cooper

1970 Commander Straker’s Car

1970 Col. Foster’s Car

1976 Spy’s Car