What is a chase-car?


What is a chase-car?

I make slot cars more fun.

I love slot cars and have done since I was a kid. While going faster is a noble aim, a fast car isn’t always the most enjoyable to drive, or necessarily your favourite car.  To make my fun car, I wanted it to be like car chases were on TV when I was a kid – with a good sized American car, loads of lurid tail slides, probably doing less than 50mph but looking fast and almost out of control.

So for my chase I made suspension to make the car lean through the corners and steering to make power slides more realistic. Check the videos page to see them in action.

Please see the prices page for the kit options and how you can get your own chase-car.

The first chase car I chose to make is car that’s everywhere in car chases – The American police car.  Because the police need someone to chase, next was a bad guys’ limo and the range of bodyshells is expanding.  Have a look at the forthcoming bodyshells to see what’s in the future.

I designed the chassis using rapid prototype manufacturing methods (sometimes called additive manufacturing or 3D printing) to generate the parts from powder by passing a laser over it, This is widely used in Engineering when a part needs to be tested before making an expensive injection mould tool.

The bodyshell for the slot car is made from resin, cast in one piece for strength.

For more information on availability of kits contact info@chase-cars.com

These cars are 1:32 scale and compatible with Scalextric track, Carrera track or any similar analogue 12V home slot car racing sets.

Check the Videos page to see what makes this car different from other slot cars – the way it drives!


News: If you have a PCS32 / Slot Classic chassis and want steering, you can now get a steering front end.

There’s a new, smaller chassis that uses Carrera Go motor and rear axle, ideal for fitting under very small car, more details here.

Reviews on:


“If idle hands are the devil’s playground, idle engineers are a field day of awesome.”

“Using some rapid prototyping equipment and a few CAD drawings, Jones whipped up a chassis that would allow the bodies to actually lean in a corner. Still unsatisfied, the engineer designed a unique steering system that allows the wheels to look like they actually turn in a corner. Throw in some clever interiors and a custom-designed 1972 limo, and you’ve got all the elements of a great scale electric chase from the ’70s”



“3D printing can be used to make fun things, funner.  Like slot cars, sure they can hug the track with terrifying speed and a power to weight ratio similar to putting a cheetah’s strength into a hummingbird’s body but they sometimes lack personality, say the personality of a 70′s Hollywood car chase, with saggy suspension, sloppy handling and a certain clumsy swagger… Enter Chase-Cars, that uses Shapeways 3D printing to help make slot cars with that special 70′s style, handling and swagger.”


Top Gear magazine

“British bloke gets bored of super fast slot cars, so builds his own with soft springs and loose rear ends so they slide like movie cop cars.”



“The idea is simple.  Take one slot car chassis, add suspension, wheels, a motor and steering then add the body of your choice – preferably an American muscle car.  Hey presto you have a leaning, sliding slot car.  And if you put two or more together, you have a chase!”


3D Printer.net

“Real cars are equipped with high-tech electronic anti-roll mechanisms these days, but in the 70s, not so much. While the cars then were significantly less safe than today’s, their ancient suspension made for some dramatic Hollywood car chases; it’s the breakneck speed and gratuitous sliding too, to be certain, but there’s something about almost tipping over that’s just intrinsically exciting. The engineer behind chase-cars understood this, so he designed a printable chassis that lets the cars lean around the bends and more dramatically power slide, allowing for some realistically spectacular chase scenes”



“You can dig out the slot car track that you’ve got as a 9th birthday gift from mom again. Now you can not only steer the vehicles but they lean also.  Neither makes it actually faster, but just looks much better.

Christmas is approaching and you want to give presents, but actually for yourself, so go!



“Before, slot car models did not lean in curves like real cars.  When cornering the wheels remain straight, but that changed thanks to the wizard of slot cars.”


Italia Slot

“I have not much to say about these chassis, my jaw just dropped when I saw the movies on the website”


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