What are chase-cars?

I make slot cars more fun.

I love slot cars and have done since I was a kid. While going faster is a noble aim, a fast car isn’t always the most enjoyable to drive, or necessarily your favourite car.  To make my fun car, I wanted it to be like car chases were on TV in the 1970s – with a good sized American car, loads of lurid tail slides, probably doing less than 50mph but looking fast and almost out of control.

To create chase-cars I made suspension to make the car lean through the corners and steering to make power slides more realistic.

Check the videos page to see them in action.

I designed the chassis using rapid prototype manufacturing methods (sometimes called additive manufacturing or 3D printing) to generate the parts from powder by passing a laser over it, This is widely used in Engineering when a part needs to be tested before making an expensive injection mould tool.

The bodyshell for the slot car is made from resin, cast in one piece for strength.

These cars are 1:32 scale and compatible with Scalextric track, Carrera track or any similar analogue 12V home slot car racing sets.