So you’ve checked out the videos and see yourself as a wannabe stunt driver, how do you get the best out of your chase-car?

1. Have you got some weight up front?  This can help if your car seems to de-slot too easily.

2. Are your rear tyres too sticky?  When they are new, even these thin tyres have lots of grip.  Try a few laps where you accelerate hard down the straights, getting as much wheelspin as possible.  This will remove the very sticky layer and help you to slide around the corners.

3. Driving like a Hollywood stunt man is different to getting the fastest lap times.  You’re Carey Loftin, not Alain Prost.  Here’s your new cornering technique:

a) Slow down sharply just before the corner.  This lets weight transfer put some load on the guide, and take it off the rear wheels.

b) Once the car enters the corner it will start to lean.

c) Now is the time to squeeze on the power, gently at first.

d) This is where you get the admiration of the movie director – give it a little more power to get the tail out further.

e) That’s it, now hold the tail out all the way through the curve.

f) Hold it steady, feel yourself in the car, holding that tail slide right the way through the exit.

Cool, now onto the next corner!

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