What happens when two guys ask you to bring 400 cases of Coors beer across the Mississippi?  As long as you’ve got a friend with an 18 wheeler and you don’t stop for too many brides, you’ll be fine if you’ve got the right car.

You need a speedy car.  Speedier than that.

ecause you never know when the bridge might be down.  What we’re dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law.

The 1:32 resin bodyshell is cast from a 2 part mould with body mounts already fitted, and the windows are much thinner and easier to cut out than with my older bodyshells.

In the kit you get

  • Resin bodyshell
  • Vacform windows
  • Vacform interior
  • Resin driver’s head
  • Resin wheel centres
  • Waterslide graphics set

Bodyshell preparation is here, detail follows below.

You may want to remove the T Top panels, use a scalpel or Dremel.

As always with resin parts, wash them in soapy water to get rid of any mould release agents, then leave them them to dry.  Choose your favourite primer and get to it.  The paint I used was black, I chose a grey primer.

While waiting for the primer to dry I painted the resin wheel inserts gold with silver spokes and adjusted the chassis to fit.

I use 600 grit wet & dry paper after the primer coats, then start with the black top coats making sure each coat is fully dry before sanding again.  600 grit between top coats, and usually 3 coats is enough.

Use silver for the headlights then red and white for the rear lights, with orange for the marker lights.

Add the windows, using canopy glue to avoid the windows from going cloudy.

When watching the movie you might have noticed how often Sally Field’s character spends with her head behind the seat and her rear pointing at the camera.

This is how she gets her nickname (or handle if you’re in CB-speak) of Frog.

Now is the time to fit the graphics.  Once in position the whole bodyshell can be given a spray coat of clear lacquer.

Now all you need are the supporting cast members.

Enjoy the video!

How many takes were needed to get the jump right?  Bloopers  But it does show how tough these cars are.